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Learn to confidently handle your airplane during in-flight emergencies

The academy’s curriculum  delivers specialized flight training to both private and commercial pilots that will increase aviation safety by teaching aviators essential recovery and survival skills not normally offered in either primary or advanced flight training.


The Torgoen Academy’s training makes pilots safer by teaching them to deal with departures from normal flight, upsets due to turbulence and mechanical failures.  


Following a structured syllabus, pilot's develop the ability to keep a cool head while applying techniques learned in the school’s aerobatic training aircraft to resolve the situation at hand.  “We literally turn pilots’ upside-down in real airplanes in order to give them the confidence to fix the problem without the panic.”

Expand your capabilities in flight


Open your mind and increase your skills by learning to fully utilize all three dimensions of the sky. 


Experience the thrill of aerobatics in a world class high performance aircraft that is limited only by your imagination.

The Torgoen Academy is located  in Ventura County, California and may operate training at any of the local airports depending upon local weather conditions. 

We can be reached during normal business hours at 661-554-7194.



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