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2004-2007 Awards (click to view)

Spencer Suderman, CFI         
Spencer Suderman began his flying career while working on his Bachelor of Science degree in business at California State University Northridge in the late 1980's.  Spencer earned a private pilot's certificate, commercial rating, instrument rating, and then became a CFI (Certified Flight Instructor) in 2003.

 While working on his instrument rating in 2000, he went through a spin and unusual attitude training program.  This training teaches pilots what to do in emergencies and involves mild aerobatics.  Spencer soon discovered that aerobatics are amazingly fun and quickly lost interest in merely flying straight and level.  After attending numerous aerobatic contests in the Super Decathlon Spencer moved up to the high performance Pitts S-2B which launched his career as an air show pilot in 2006.



Spencer is a high energy fun loving individual who enjoys entertaining the audience with his amazing airplane.  His enthusiasm for flight is infectious and explains why so many people enjoy being entertained by Spencer.  This high energy persona attracts other pilots to train with Spencer through his Be-A-Safe-Pilot training offered through the Torgoen Academy.  . 


Spencer has done such a great job training pilots in aerobatics that his students have earned him an award for highest scoring flight school every year at an aerobatic contest in California since 2004!

Spencer believes that the Be A Safe Pilot training is the most valuable flight training a pilot could receive and pursued his rating as a flight instructor for the sole purpose of teaching it to other pilots so they can be safer and more confident.


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