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Be A Safe Pilot Program

Each lesson includes 1 hour of classroom instruction and up to 1 hour of in flight practical application of concepts

Module 1a: Stall/Spin Awareness                              Module 1b:Spin Awareness Continued

Lesson 1

Lesson 2

Lesson 1

Lesson 2

1. Climbing Dutch Rolls
2. Turns & Slow Flight
3. Stalls -- Power On & Off
4. Rudder Stall Exercise
5. Introduce One-Turn Spin

1. Review
2. One-Turn Spins Left & Right
3. Two-Turn Spins Left & Right
4. Spin Orientation
5. 180 Degree Gliding Approach

1. Review Spins
2. Spin Dynamics
3. Aggravated Spin Modes
4. Unusual Attitudes--Spin Recoveries
5. 180 Degree Gliding Approach

1. Review
2. Incipient Spin Entries
3. Skidded Turns
4. Critical Flight Operations
5. Spirals
6. 180 Degree Gliding Approach
7. Optional -- Introduction to Rolls

Module 2a: Unusual Attitudes                                    Module 2b: In-Flight Emergencies

Lesson 1

Lesson 2

Lesson 1

Lesson 2

1. Review Dutch Rolls & Spins
2. Aileron Rolls Left & Right
3. Half Aileron Rolls Left & Right
4. 180 Degree Gliding Approach

1. Review Spins
2. Rolls & Half Rolls Left & Right
3. Unusual Attitudes -- Over banked
4. Aerobatic-Style Turns
5. 180 Degree Gliding Approach

1. Review Spins & Rolls
2. Slips Left & Right
3. Slipping Turns Left & Right
4. Turning Dutch Rolls
5. Slip to Land

1. Review Spins & Rolls
2. Simulated Control Loss Practice
3. 180 Degree Gliding Approach to Land
4. Optional -- Introduction to inverted spins



Module 3: Advanced Spins

Lesson 1                                              Lesson 2    

1. Review Dutch Rolls & Spins

2. Review Rolls

3. Inverted Stalls
4. Inverted Dutch Rolls
5. Inverted Turns
6. Inverted Spins Left & Right

1. Review Inverted Spins

2. Inverted Flat Spins

3. Upright Flat Spins

4. Crossover Spins


Module 4a: Introduction to Aerobatics

Module 4b: Competition Aerobatics

Lesson 1                                              Lesson 2

Lesson 1 & 2

1. Review Spins & Rolls

2. Slow Rolls
3. Half Loops
4. Full Loops
5. Immelmanns

1. Review Loops, Spins, & Rolls
2. Half Cuban Eights
3. Reverse Half Cuban Eights
4. Hammerhead

Fly Current IAC Primary Category Sequence


Maneuvers Include:Spin, Loop, Half Cuban Eight, Competition Turn





Cost-$495.00 per lesson (includes Pitts S2-B, fuel, Instructor, parachute and headset with chin strap)



Any aerobatic maneuver has the potential to transition into a spin.  Any spin has the potential to become an aggravated spin if the plane is mishandled during the recovery attempt.  DO NOT PERFORM AEROBATICS IN ANY AIRPLANE THAT IS NOT SPECIFICALLY APPROVED FOR AEROBATICS.  DO NOT SPIN ANY AIRPLANE THAT IS PLACARDED AGAINST INTENTIONAL SPINS.



The information on this web site is not to be construed as flight instruction, or considered in any way to be used in lieu of, actual training from an FAA certified instructor. The information presented on this website is for informational purposes only and does not constitute flight instruction.  Please consult an FAA certificated flight instructor who is versed in aerobatic instruction techniques for answers to any  questions relating to the material on www.torgoenacademy.com.


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