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April 18, 2008--Torgoen Academy of Flight Safety website launched

Torgoen Swiss watches partners with Spencer Suderman Airshows to offer specialized flight training that enhances aviation safety

Wyckoff, NJ April 14, 2008—Torgoen Swiss, a fast growing manufacturer of wristwatches for aviators and aviation lifestyle enthusiasts today announced it is launching the Torgoen Academy of Flight Safety in partnership with Air Show Pilot Spencer Suderman and his Be-A-Safe-Pilot training program.  The academy’s curriculum will deliver specialized flight training to both private and commercial pilots that will increase aviation safety by teaching pilots essential recovery and survival skills not normally offered in either primary or advanced flight training.

“The Torgoen Academy’s training teaches pilots to be safer by teaching them to deal with departures from normal flight, upsets due to turbulence and mechanical failures by maintaining a cool head and applying techniques learned in the school’s aerobatic training aircraft to resolve the situation at hand.  “We literally turn pilots’ upside-down in real airplanes in order to give them the confidence to fix the problem without the panic,” said Spencer Suderman, chief flight instructor and air show pilot.  “Expanding the relationship as Torgoen’s brand ambassador and re-naming the training program will help spread the word throughout the aviation industry that only through proper training and experience will all pilots become safer pilots.”

The Torgoen Academy is based at the Camarillo Airport in Ventura County, California and operates year round taking full advantage of the predominantly excellent weather in the southwestern United States.  It is the only flight school in Southern California flying the Pitts Special S-2B high performance biplane.

For more information about the Torgoen Academy of Flight Safety, visit http://www.torgoenacademy.com

About Torgoen Swiss

TORGOEN was founded by a group of aviation enthusiasts to provide similar enthusiasts with watches of uncompromising quality.

In the cockpit, things happen quickly... a pilot must always be thinking ahead of the airplane. Multi- tasking is part of survival; reliable instruments, rapid readings, dependence on precise and clear markings and indexes, day and night, ergonomically efficient controls. All of these same standards are part of another cluster of pilot's instruments: the Torgoen line of watches.

Attainment of aviation standards comes as part of two major steps, preparation and production. At Torgoen, preparation includes precision engineering, careful attention to details of every component, and the best choice of materials. During and after production, Torgoen watches and components pass the most stringent quality control procedures.

Experience the confidence that comes with using a fine instrument - a TORGOEN watch.

For more information, visit http://www.torgoen.com

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